Japanese Language Classes Melbourne

Japanese language classes Melbourne are run at a Japanese language school in Melbourne during weekdays, evenings and weekends. Our teachers specialise in teaching beginner to intermediate Japanese classes content.

Our Japanese language classes Melbourne are not your typical textbook style class. Learning in our Japanese classes is fun and interactive. We incorporate visual learning materials in our Japanese classes with lots of speaking practice.

Many students who come for a trial lesson expecting as similar environment as previously experienced in high school. That’s not the case with us. Our Japanese classes are a new learning experience even for the mature aged student. Learning Japanese should be fun and enjoyable!

Who can attend Japanese language classes Melbourne?

The majority of our students are adults who have completed high school level study. Students who attend our Japanese classes Melbourne range from individuals, couples, uni students, business owners or even students planning a trip to Japan etc.

How long do your Japanese language classes Melbourne run?

Our Japanese classes run for 80 minutes. We believe this is the perfect length for a student’s focus and concentration. Students who attempt 2 or 3 hour lessons often feel they don’t retain anything after the initial 80 minute period. The trick with Japanese study and retaining information is to practice everyday and complete your homework.

Private Tutoring vs Japanese classes Melbourne?

We provide both private tutoring and Japanese classes Melbourne. Some students are more suited to tutoring, whereas others benefit more from learning in a controlled small group environment.

There are other advantages of learning in Japanese classes Melbourne. A student is more accountable with homework completion, studying for tests and remembering content taught. When you learn on your own, you are only accountable to yourself. You then have the luxury of taking your time and going at a slower learning pace. It’s really a personal choice and both learning options are beneficial regardless.

Who teaches your Japanese language classes Melbourne?

Our Japanese teachers are experienced, qualified and native Japanese. We teach Japanese using the Tokyo dialect. We also provide in-class explanations in English to help new beginner student fully understand what is being taught. Where other places follow a more direct teaching method, we prefer to combine both English and
Japanese in our Japanese classes Melbourne.


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