Japanese School Melbourne Video – We decided to create this video to show off a few of our students. We wanted viewers to see for themselves how much fun students have at our Japanese School Melbourne.

Some students started at our Japanese school as complete beginners, others had learn’t a little somewhere else previously.

What most students find is our approach to teaching Japanese is quite different.

Student progress is monitored regularly with homework and tests. To ensure the same level of teaching is achieved, our Japanese teachers teach from the same content. We believe in teaching Japanese in the native Japanese tone using English for explanations.

Japanese teachers should always be prepared. From the very first Japanese lesson at our Japanese School Melbourne, you will see for yourself how organised our Japanese course content is.


Every exercise, group activity, vocabulary test has meaning. Our head teacher has developed a learning process which gradually delivers content to students instead of overwhelming them.

Our teachers love teaching Japanese. We believe one of the main reasons why students love learning Japanese at our Japanese school Melbourne is because our Japanese teachers are so friendly and happy. They love what they do. Teaching is not just a job, it’s truly their passion.

Watch our student video and see for yourselves.