Japanese for Travellers Melbourne

Our Japanese for Travellers Melbourne are perfect for students planning a trip to Japan. The classes incorporate the basics of the Japanese language with basic survival skills like using currency, ordering at the restaurant/cafe, at the convenience store, counting, dates, greetings etc. 

Who can attend Japanese for Travellers Melbourne?

Japanese for Travellers Melbourne course is perfect for anyone planning a trip to Japan. Whether it’s your first time to visit Japan or you’re a regular visitor, you’ll love our Japanese for Travellers Melbourne course. You can learn on your own, with a partner, family or friend/s.

How long do Japanese Traveller Melbourne course go for?

Students who attend our Japanese for Travellers Melbourne course can choose to do 1, 2 or 3 classes per week. We recommend allocating at least 3 months of lessons prior to your trip to Japan. Try not to leave things to the last minute, learning a language takes time. The more time you can invest into classes, the more rewarding your trip to Japan will be.

Group Lessons vs Japanese Traveller Classes Melbourne?

Our Japanese for Travellers Melbourne classes can be conducted in a group or tutoring environment. The lesson content is slightly more focussed towards preparing a traveller as much as possible before visiting Japan. For those wanting to learn Japanese Melbourne with a more thorough process, we’d recommend our beginner Japanese classes Melbourne.


Who teaches the Japanese Traveller Classes Melbourne?

Our Japanese teachers are native Japanese, experienced and qualified. Lots of interest teaching tools like flashcards, fake currency, cafe/restaurant menus and maps are used to provide realistic environments. You can also get to know where our teachers come from in Japan. They are always happy to give some travel tips for Japan.


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