Looking for professionally run Japanese classes Melbourne? 


Our Japanese classes Melbourne are broken up into 4 levels - B1, B2, B3 & B4. Japanese classes run for 80 minutes and are limited to max 6 students per Japanese class. This is the perfect length for student's concentration. Any longer and your brain will feel like scrambled eggs.




Our Japanese classes Melbourne initially focus on formal form, then casual. Students learn the basics with reading/writing Hiragana, Katakana then Kanji. Japanese classes involve many speaking activities.


What you'll learn during the beginning stages:


  • Greetings, Introductions, Nationality etc
  • Everyday Use Numbers/Dates/Counting
  • Describing People, Places and Things
  • Conversation: Daily/Regular Activities
  • Past/Present/Negative/Positive Forms
  • Expressing suggestions, likes, dislikes etc




  • Duration: 1 hour, 20 mins class (weekly)
  • Cost: $49.50 inc per class (pay monthly)




6:00PM - 7:20PM (Max 6 Students)


7:40PM - 9:00PM (Max 6 Students)


Absolutely fantastic school the teachers teach at your pace. Amazing group of students from all walks of life and age groups. Highly recommend

Tony H

Facebook Review 9th Dec 2017
A great place to learn Japanese. The classes were always organized and well run. The teachers were very friendly and dedicated, always willing to share a joke! I appreciated the overall structure of the course which allowed learning at a fairly fast pace........

Kathleen H

Facebook Review 8th Dec 2017
THE place to learn Japanese. The classes are structured, social and progressive. If you want to learn how to read/write/speak Japanese, make friends and have a solid 80 minutes of fun every week then this is for you - I only wish I had started sooner!

Aubrey G

Facebook Review 9th Dec 2017
I've been a student for about 3 months now and i have nothing but praise for this school. The teachers are amazing and super helpful and the classes are extremely enjoyable. I look forward to class every week. 10/10 recommend!

Taylor W

Facebook Review 9th Nov 2017
Fantastic teachers and classes. The teachers are highly skilled and carefully identify weak areas and help you focus on them, even in group classes. Very beneficial even for students with years of prior knowledge gained through self-study. This place is an excellent next step to take, I highly recommend it.

Pravin K

Facebook Review 6th Dec 2017
I look forward to my class at Japanese Tutor Melbourne each week. The teachers are enthusiastic, patient and make the classes so fun! The smaller class sizes ensure that everyone has plenty of time to practice our speaking, as well as reading and writing (including Kanji!). The Nunawading school is in a great location........

Jessica S

Facebook Review 9th Oct 2017
My partner and I have been attending classes at Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd since November 2016 and have learnt so much! It's so cool when you realise you can understand something on a Japanese website! We are going to Japan later this year and I know we will be able to talk to local people with no problem.

Joy F

Facebook Review 28th Aug 2017
The best way to learn Jap language in Melbourne! Caring and thoughtful teachers. Structured lessons with lots of informations. School management is the best too -- thanks to Vaughan for being so accomodating to my changing and limited schedule.

Nunuk S

Facebook Review 22nd Aug 2017
I can’t speak highly enough about Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd. I am just amazed by how much I have learned in just a few weeks. The lessons are brilliantly structured in a way that slowly builds weekly, without ever seeming overwhelming. I’m having great fun walking around my house pointing to and describing things in my basic Japanese

Emily M

Facebook Review 14th Aug 2017
Highly recommend!! The teachers and staff here are INCREDIBLE, and have made me feel very welcomed with their patience and kindness!! Miyuki-sensei puts a LOT of energy and fun into her teaching, making the group sessions enjoyable and social, while still making sure we get through the course and are learning.....

Hannah M

Facebook Review 31st July 2017
Absolutely LOVE Japanese Tutor Melbourne! The teachers are supportive, enthusiastic, encouraging and so friendly! Not only do I feel like I can learn at my own pace, but the school is so accommodating and flexible in terms of class times, and is extremely prompt in responding to any and all enquiries......

Brianna K

Facebook Review 9th June 2017
I've been learning at Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd for almost 2 months now and it's been great! Miyuki sensei and all the teachers are super friendly and classes taught in a way that not only fun but also you could easily understand and easily remember it! I feel the school is very well managed......

Amy F

Facebook Review 17th May 2017
My partner and I decided we'd take some refresher lessons in Japanese in our lead up to our trip to Japan in March as we hadn't done any work on our language skills since high school. Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd was close to us and has turned out to be the best possible place we could have found to help us get back into the swing of Japanese.......

Jessica F

Facebook Review 18th April 2017
The Japanese classes are amazing! My mum, my sister and I have just passed our first month learning and it's been so much fun. The way the classes are structured and design makes it simple, easy and enjoyable for anyone to learn Japanese. Highly recommend.......

Serena C

Facebook Review 11th March 2017
In less than three months I've gone from complete beginner to being able participate in basic conversation, as well as being able to read and write in hiragana, katakana, and in a few weeks' time I'll have completed my grade one kanji! I'm sure this sort of progress would have been impossible on my own.......

Tom B

Facebook Review 10th March 2017
Japanese Class


Our Japanese classes Melbourne are lots of fun. There's never a dull moment. From your very first Japanese class you will experience this. Our Japanese classes Melbourne are very interactive with various speaking exercises. We teach in the native Japanese tone with English.


All new students must attend a free trial lesson or level check. We believe it's extremely important to assess every student's learning speed before placing them in a group class.


B1 Class 2


Japanese classes Melbourne are run in large, clean, professional classrooms. The learning environment is very comfortable for our students. Some students previously tried learning in their homes or cafes/library. They found it very hard to focus and were always worried about people sitting around listening/being noisy/distracting.


Teaching in a public place is also very restrictive for a teacher. It's hard to teach freely and do regular teaching exercises like pronunciation drills, speaking activities etc. This is why we achieve great results in our classroom learning environment.


Many of our students in Japanese classes are interested in Japanese tradition & culture. Our school arranges events during the year to give students as much exposure to Japan. We want you to feel like you're in Japan!


One of our most recent events was the end of year Christmas Party. Students attended and watched live traditional Taiko performances and Awa Odori dancers. We also had the event catered with Sushi platters as well. (watch the video)