Learn Japanese privately with our Japanese Tutors Onsite or Online


Japanese tutoring is perfect for students wanting to learn Japanese alone with a Japanese tutor (onsite or online). Tutoring lessons are facilitated weekly and run for 60 minutes. Our Japanese tutoring lessons follow our school’s curriculum. Whether it’s for travel, business or just for fun, you will love learning Japanese privately with our tutors.

Tutoring ENROLMENT - $55 PER WEEK​

Since 2013 we’ve tutored 1000’s of students in Melbourne and across Australia.  Individuals, couples, business professionals, friends, families, Uni students, police officers, even lawyers. Australians have a deep connection with Japan, it’s people and culture. It is a great language to learn and even better country to explore.

(*Currently we do not provide VCE, JLPT or children’s tutoring)

Jade joined a group class as a complete beginner. This video was made at approx 2.5 years of study with our school.

We provide Japanese classes Melbourne for adult students in our classrooms and online. Location is no longer an issue. We teacher students all over Australia. We even teach students internationally. It’s amazing that we can welcome students from all over the world into our classrooms in Melbourne, Australia.

Find out more by completing our TRIAL or LEVEL CHECK forms

Our Japanese tutoring lessons in Melbourne are taught using a mix of English and native Japanese. Japanese is most preferred in class as it helps with the learning process but our teachers can also explain things with English. As a beginner your limited to how much you understand so we use English to establish an good foundation and understanding of the basics. We have a rule though, if you know it in Japanese, say it in Japanese! If you’d like to attend our Japanese tutoring lessons in Melbourne, feel free to complete our online trial form here – Free Trial Lesson

Yes! All of our teachers are native Japanese and live locally in Melbourne. They are all bilingual and have been teaching Australian students for many years. They understand the local culture, humour and it make the learning environment very comfortable.

Yes! All of our teachers are native Japanese and live locally in Melbourne. Firstly we need you to attend a trial (if a beginner) or level check (if you have prior knowledge). Both of these services are free. We meet every single new students to understand their personality, learning preference and prior knowledge. Sure it takes up a lot of time for our teachers but in the end, you will end up learning with like minded people. Over the years we’ve develop a way of grouping the right students together which as a result ensure a positive, ongoing learning experience.

Yes we provide Japanese tutoring online. We currently teach students across Australia and Overseas. Our teaching style works extremely well online.  Incorporating many visual teaching aids and group exercises. You can learn Japanese online with us from anywhere.

Warm, bright and fun. It’s our students favourite time of the week. We have a strong focus on speaking during class. Writing is mostly for homework. We believe in an interactive learning experience which allows students to speak Japanese as much as possible.

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