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Two AMAZING ways to accelerate your Japanese level while visiting Japan.

Staying in Japan for a year or longer will definitely improve your Japanese, but what if you don’t have the time, money and other resources? Don’t worry! There are still two options to turn your summer break or vacation from work into a very rewarding experience: 

– Studying at a Japanese language school specialized in short-terms.
– Doing a rewarding and culturally immersed internship in an international Japanese company.

At Meiji Academy you can do both! We offer Japanese courses, as well as professional internships for as short as one week. If you have more time on your hands you can stay up to 6 months and you can also combine language studies with an internship to get the best of both.

Short-term Japanese Courses

We offer a great variety of short-term Japanese courses to make sure that every student can learn in the way that motivates them most and guarantees the fastest progress. In our Standard Course you will have 20 lessons of Japanese per week. If you want to spend even more time studying, there are a few different options.

In our Intensive Course you will have 4 additional private lessons, where you can focus on your weak points with a teacher one-on-one. In our Business Course we teach you all about Japanese Business Manners.

We highly recommend taking this course if you plan to do an internship or want to find a job in Japan in the future!

If you’re more interested in Japanese culture, you can choose one of our Japanese Culture Courses. In the Traditional Culture Course you will be able to participate in a tea ceremony, study Japanese calligraphy or experience wearing a Kimono.

In our Pop Culture Course you will learn more about Manga/Anime as well as Japanese Music and Fashion. Activities include visiting a Maid café and Karaoke!


You will not only improve your Japanese in no time, you will also be able to acquire new, useful skills for your career and brush up your resume! Meiji Academy has over 350 partner companies all over Japan and 100 in Fukuoka alone.

We can find meaningful internships in nearly any industry and will make sure that you will get the internship that fits you best.

When you first apply we will schedule a 30 minute Skype interview with you. During this video call we want you to tell us more about your goals and we will ask you to name the industries you are interested to intern in.

Depending on your educational background, work experience and current Japanese level we will find the perfect host company for you!

An internship organized by Meiji Academy is not just making coffee and copying documents. We take time to really listen to your dreams, to ensure that you will make the most of your time in Japan.

We will coach, consult and create personally tailored internships for you to ensure your internship in the Far East will be an unforgettable memory. Let’s not forget that international work experience is highly regarded by employers. Make yourself stick out of the crowd and land a future job offer in Japan. Meiji Academy will help you to; Learn, Work and Live in Japan!

See you in the Land of the Rising Sun!

P.S.: A lot of our interns even were able to land a full-time position in their host companies after finishing the internship!

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