The Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival 2019 (24th Feb 2019) and Box Hill Japanese Festival 2019 (Japan Club of Victoria – are both annual Japanese events in Melbourne.

Our students are very lucky to have access to these events. Students have the opportunity to feel like they are in Japan without even leaving Melbourne.


Melbourne Japanese Festival 2019 had their first festival in Melbourne during 2010. Since then the event has grown and attracted many people across Melbourne.

Last year in 2018 they had over 42,000 participants making it the most successful Japanese festival yet in Melbourne. The Melbourne Japanese Festival 2019 is always searching for people who would like to help with the event. If you’d like to register as a volunteer feel free to enquire via their FB page here – Facebook

Melbourne Japanese Festival 2019 will have lots of live performances such as Taiko Drumming, Martial Arts and Dance performances and also Okinawan Folk Music. The 2019 Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival stage schedule can be found here – 2019 Schedule

Many people also get dressed up in their traditional Yukata or even Cosplay costumes. It’s lots of fun for all the family!


Box Hill Japanese Festival 2019 (Japan Club of Victoria) is normally on during May in Box Hill.

Similar to the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival, the Box Hill Japanese Festival provides many performances for Melbourne people. Recent Box Hill Japanese Festivals have included Japanese Taiko Drumming, Tradition Dance/Kendo/Karate/Shakuhachi, and Shamisen performances. There is also a choir performance and Karaoke Show which can be lots of fun to watch!

Here’s a quick video published by Zen Yosakoi Melbourne filmed at the 2017 Box Hill Japanese Festival in Melbourne:

The Box Hill Japanese Festival 2019 is held within the Box Hill Town Hall. The venue also exhibits many cultural activities such as a Ikebana and Bonsai show, Tea Ceremony, Shogi Japanese Chess competition and even a Bullet Train (Shinkansen) model Railway.

Below event map and flyer are from the 2017 Box Hill Japanese Festival. 2019 information is yet to be released.



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