Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd (also registered as Nunawading Japanese School) provides Japanese lessons for adult beginner to intermediate students. Students have the choice between private tutoring and group classes (subject to availability).

  1. School/Student Agreement

This agreement constitutes a binding contract between the Student and Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd. The Agreement is made up of these terms. You must ensure that you read, understand, and abide by the Agreement. Students who are under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian complete our student application form prior to commencement. It is considered acceptance of this agreement once a student attends and completes their trial lesson/first lesson.

  1. Student Behaviour

Our teachers provide a comfortable, professional learning environment. We ask that all students behave maturely and show respect towards one another and their teachers during class.

At any stage Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel your enrollment without any warning or notice for inappropriate behaviour that is deemed anti-social, offensive or dangerous.

We also reserve the right to remove any student from an existing class if we believe they would be better suited in an alternative group or private tuition.

  1. Class location

All classes are held at our school location – 8A Wood Street Nunawading Vic 3131

  1. Payment

Lessons are paid for in advance on a monthly basis with payment due by the 1st of each month. The initial invoice will include a once off enrolment fee of $22 gst inc.

  • Adjustments to an invoice (example: removing a lesson you will miss from your invoice) will not be allowed once the invoice due date has passed or payment has been made.
  • If payment has not been received prior to the 1st of the month, we may refuse entry until payment has been received in full.
  • Fees are not transferable to another student.
  • Fees are not transferable to another month/term.
  1. Refunds

Once an invoice is paid, your seat is reserved and no refunds are provided for cancelled/missed lessons.

In the unlikely event that Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd cancels a month/s lessons, students will have the option 1) be refunded all classes within the period paid for 2) carry forward payment as credit for future lessons.

  1. Missed Classes/Catch Up Tutoring

If a lesson is missed, the student may be required to book/purchase additional catch up tutoring at an additional expense to keep up. (This only applies to students in group classes.)

Standard tutoring rates apply for catch up lessons:

  • Before 5pm: $24 inc / $48 inc (30/60 mins)
  • After 5pm: $27.50 inc / $55 inc (30/60 mins)

*In the event where there are no suitable times for catch up lessons, as a last resort students will be charged for the class they plan to miss/missed and be provided with the content/material from the class.

  1. Teachers

Our teachers have all completed formal teaching study with experience. They follow the same teaching style, curriculum and are trained by our head teacher. Due to schedules/teacher availability, from time to time we may be required to change your regular assigned teacher. All measures will be taken to ensure the same level and quality of teaching is provided.

  1. Trial lesson/Level Check

All trial lessons/level checks are conducted by our Head Teacher at our school location 8A Wood Street Nunawading. When a student decides to continue with lessons, he/she may be assigned a different teacher depending on our school schedule.

  1. Privacy Statement

Throughout the enrollment process and being a member at our school, we obtain personal information about you. We respect your privacy and will not share your information with any third party. We will only use or disclose private information when required by law or for the purposes of this Agreement and/or your Enrollment.

  1. Social Media

From time to time students may take part in marketing across social media and our school’s website. This is not mandatory and all students have the option to remain anonymous and/or not partake in any photography/videos.

  1. Ongoing Changes and Variations

Over time this agreement may vary at the discretion of Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd. We reserve the right to make changes that may affect classes, fees or lesson location whenever necessary.