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Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd (trading as Nunawading Japanese School) provides Japanese courses for adults (20 yrs and over). Below are our school’s terms and conditions applicable to all students.

1) School/Student Agreement

This agreement constitutes a binding contract between the Student and Nunawading Japanese School. The Agreement is made up of these terms. You must ensure that you read, understand, and abide by the Agreement. It is considered acceptance of this agreement once a student enrols at our school.

2) Student Behaviour

Our teachers provide a comfortable, professional learning environment (either in our classrooms or online). In return we ask all students to be respectful towards our teaching staff and other students at all times. Any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. You will be immediately removed from the class with no refund.

*ONSITE CLASSES: Mobile phones are not permitted on classrooms tables and must be kept out of sight and on silent. This is at the request of our teachers and students. They are a distraction to yourself/others in class.

*ONLINE: At teacher’s request, we require all students to be using earphones or a headset for online classes. This helps us provide the best audio environment for everyone attending. It also helps our teachers facilitate classes better.

You must also be seated in a quiet, well-lit room. Attending classes within a moving car, train and in a public area is not allowed as it brings too many distractions for others. This applies to tutoring and group class students. Online class must only be attended using a PC or laptop device. Smartphones are not appropriate for online group classes are they do not allow for multi-screen viewing.

 3) Class location

All classes are facilitated from our school location 8A Wood Street Nunawading Vic 3131 within our classrooms (onsite & online). Our school only has 1 location in Victoria. Other providers who use the term ‘Japanese Tutor Melbourne’ have no affiliation with us. Our school is registered as: The Trustee for V & M Family Trust ABN 29740686149 (Trading as Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd “Nunawading Japanese School”)

4) Enrolment/Payment

Payment is due by the 1st of each month. When a student enrols, the initial invoice will include a one off admin fee of $30 gst inc. At the beginning of each unit, the admin fee will be charged for new folders etc. 

Please take into consideration weekly enrolment covers a range of things such as

  • Curriculum handouts each week
  • Regular Homework Correction
  • Preparation & Weekly 60/80 min class


The “annual cost” of group class enrolment is $2,475 inc. Students are allowed to pay for enrolment on a monthly basis ($49.50 per week). There are no contracts, nor is there a requirement to pay annually upfront.  

  • Beginners $49.50 per week (paid monthly)
  • Intermediate $55 per week (paid monthly)


  • Beginner $55 per 60 min lesson (paid monthly)
  • Intermediate $55 per 60 min lesson (paid monthly)

(*Enolment Includes: 1 x class per week, course material, regular corrected homework and tests)

If payment is not received prior to the 1st of the month, we may refuse entry until payment has been received in full. Fees are not transferable to another student. Fees are not transferable to another month/term. 

5) Termination of Enrolment

Notice must be provided prior to the 1st of the month. Enrolment cannot be cancelled midway through a month. Your enrolment and payment will cease at the conclusion of that month. 

6) Early Cancellation Fee

An early cancellation fee of $50 will be deducted from your initial payment if you cancel enrolment prior to attending the 1st class.

7) Refunds

We operate within a monthly schedule. Once a month has commenced or payment has been made, the schedule is locked in for the month. We do not provide refunds nor reschedule for missed/cancelled classes (including sickness/covid). 

8) Missing Classes/Catch Ups/Material Only (Group Class Only)

*Subject to availability – Catch up lessons are for students who have upcoming planned holidays (2 or more consecutive classes in a row).

MISSING A CLASS: Group class enrolment is $49.50 per week. When students miss 1 x lesson, we can provide course material/homework upon request. (Payment is still required for enrolment.)

PLANNING A HOLIDAY: Provided notice is given before the 1st of that month, we will do our best to allocate available times for Substitute” catch up lessons – $55 per hour. These lessons replace the classes you’ll miss (either onsite or online).

*MATERIAL ONLY: If there are not enough available times for catch ups, your enrolment may include a combination of material only & catch ups bookings. Students can also opt for material only whilst away. We will provide all course material for self-study. This is charged at the same rate to ensure the same value is paid for our course.

9) Teaching Staff

Our teachers have all completed formal teaching study with experience. They teach our curriculum and are trained by our head teacher.  Our course is systematically planned out and we don’t make variations for individuals.

10) Changes to Enrolment

As you progress through our course, as a school we reserve the right to relocate a student. This may include “moving to a more suitable class” or alternatively “offering private tuition instead“. It’s our responsibility as a school to ensure all students learn at a comfortable/challenging pace.

If a group class drops to 3 or less students, the class may be cancelled. Alternative enrolment options will be offered subject to availability.

11) Level Checks

Level checks are conducted either online or onsite. Both options are recorded for internal purposes only. Attending a Level Check does not guarantee an enrolment option for you. Majority of our classes run at capacity so we will only arrange a level check if we feel there could be a potential option for a student.

12) Privacy Statement

Throughout the enrolment process and being a member at our school, we obtain personal information about you. Either via our website or in person. We respect your privacy and will not share your information with any third party. We will only use or disclose private information when required by law or for the purposes of this agreement and/or your enrolment.

13) Marketing/Online Class Recordings

We occasionally take individual/group class photos/videos for school marketing (F2F or Online). If you do not want your identify/face shown in a photo/video, please advise management. Occasionally online classes may also be recorded for internal training purposes only.

14) Ongoing Changes and Variations

Over time this agreement may vary at the discretion of Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd. We reserve the right to make changes that may affect classes, fees or lesson location whenever necessary.

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