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A place to learn Japanese and have fun!

Best place to learn Japanese in Melbourne in our opinion is Nunawading Japanese School. Well, of course our teachers would say that but so do many of our students. In fact the majority of new enrolment enquires all come from word of mouth. This speaks for itself! 

Often we have students return to our school. After travelling and exploring alternatives, they come back and say Nunawading Japanese School is the “best place to learn Japanese in Melbourne“. Nowadays there are so many ways to learn Japanese. It can be quite confusing for a beginner. What course should I do? Should I learn online or face to face? Private tutoring or Japanese classes

Japanese language school in Melbourne for students wanting to learn how to speak, read and write the Japanese language

What makes a Japanese school the best place to learn Japanese? Why are some places better than others? In our opinion we believe it’s the teachers. Our teachers are at the heart of our school and it all starts with how we work as a team. We believe our school has become the best place to learn Japanese in Melbourne. If you don’t believe us then hear what our students say about our school.

Our teachers are all native Japanese. They live and teach within our classrooms located in Melbourne. They offer years of experience teaching Japanese to Australians and share a passion for teaching.

Students come to us to learn Japanese for a variety of reasons: Travel, business, speak with relatives, love for Sake, Japanese culture, Snow boarding even Primary School Japanese teachers in Melbourne attend our courses. 

Japanese lessons and Japanese Tutor in Melbourne

So what makes us the best place to learn Japanese?

As mentioned above, we truly believe it’s our teachers and their love of teaching Japanese. They’re all locally based in Melbourne. We do not employ teachers to live/teach from overseas. Over the years we have hired and trained a team of local Japanese teachers who have become a part of our school.  

While there are many great teachers abroad who teach online, we prefer to only hire local talent within Australia. For our students, it’s a more localised, relatable learning experience. We also understand what it takes to learn a language. Our teachers have also learnt English as a second language and draw upon their own experiences. These are just a few reasons why we believe our school has become the best place to learn Japanese!

a Japanese language school for adults in Melbourne Australia

Unique teaching style with custom curriculum

We’ve developed and fine tuned how we deliver our Japanese courses. We have a unique teaching style. The teaching principles and foundation follows the native Tokyo Dialect. The added benefit is we provide grammatical explanations and support in English (for our beginners). 

Yes, the ‘direct immersion method’ as people refer to works well but in our opinion not for complete beginners. Have you ever been in a Japanese class and found yourself using Google Translate to work out what the teacher was teaching? 

We focus on providing excellent Japanese classes with in-depth explanations. Sure there’s some content that’s always tricky to learn but you will not need to use Google translate in class with our teachers.

A Japanese school event held in Melbourne Australia

We strive to be the best Japanese School!

The only way you can truly find out if we’re the best place to learn Japanese in Melbourne (or online) is to enrol in our Japanese course. We don’t believe in long enrolment contracts. We operate on a month by month arrangement. You can learn Japanese with us for as long as you like.

So what are you waiting for? Come and find out why we think we’re the best Japanese school in Melbourne and see for yoursleves.

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