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Ever wondered how much Japanese you can learn in Japanese Classes Melbourne? Maybe you’ve started learning Japanese online but want a more structured approach to study Japanese in Melbourne? 

Depending on where you live, Melbourne offers many different places to learn Japanese in Melbourne. Most places offer a more direct method approach for beginners (100% Japanese). Some places refer to it as the complete immersion method. Some places only teach from specific textbooks that they sell.

Why do our classes work so well

We developed our very own curriculum and teaching style with the English speaking beginner in mind. The goal was to eliminate any confusion or misunderstanding for a new student. This is important during the early days of study.

As a beginner, when attending our beginner Japanese classes Melbourne, it’s important to be able to ask your teacher many questions about what’s being taught in class.

Being able to teach from a Japanese course that has been specifically developed for ‘English Speaking Students’ works perfectly. Also having native Japanese teachers in Melbourne who can teach in English and Japanese really helps students understand their classes in detail.

Once students progress with our beginner Japanese classes Melbourne, the dialogue switches to more Japanese than English. Eventually, once a student has found their feet with the Japanese language their Japanese classes are conducted in 100% Japanese.

Watch our B1 Japanese Classes Melbourne

We put together this video to demonstrate what is actually achievable when learning Japanese at our school. These students are still beginner students, and at the time had only been learning Japanese for 10 months.

This group has become a close study group, catching up most weeks outside of class. Often a lot of delicious Japanese snacks are consumed as well 🙂 The groups enthusiasm and motivation always stays high and it really shows through their progression.

Some students often think learning Japanese on their own with a teacher would be more beneficial. This is usually because they have tried learning in a group class elsewhere and the experience was not very good.

Interested in learning Japanese with us? Want to learn Japanese in our Japanese classes Melbourne?

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