Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All of our teachers are Japanese, speak native Japanese and have taught Japanese in Melbourne to many students. We understand the importance of having a native Japanese teacher when learning Japanese in Melbourne.

Absolutely! Our Japanese teachers hold formal teaching qualifications obtained in Australia and/or Japan. They are bilingual in English and Japanese and have taught Japanese classes in Melbourne for students.

Our Japanese classes follow our school’s curriculum. Beginner Japanese classes are taught in native Japanese with English as support. Intermediate Japanese classes and above are taught in Japanese.

Yes, providing you have not learnt how to ask it in Japanese yet. Our teachers teach Japanese classes in native Japanese with English. This helps beginner students understand what they’re learning during the early stages. As students progress with our Japanese classes, we encourage everyone to use Japanese as much as possible.

Yes we have Japanese classes in Melbourne for adult students. Adults can choose from Japanese classes or Japanese tutoring on weekday, weeknights and weekends.

Yes our Japanese courses include regular assigned homework. The homework is cleverly structured to support what is taught in class. Studying Japanese outside of class is very important for our students.

Occasionally a tutoring student may decide they’d like to join one of our Japanese classes instead. Depending on availability, this can be arranged. In some cases, students can also work towards joining a higher level class. This option is subject to your teacher’s approval.

The maximum number of students in our Japanese classes is 6. We believe our course material and teaching method works best with small group classes. Our teachers can also provide sufficient support and attention to all students in class.

Big, clean and bright! We’ve created classrooms that are comfortable and spacious. It’s important to feel comfortable when learning Japanese in Melbourne. Students always enjoy arriving for their Japanese classes.

Yes you can. We do not operate within traditional school terms. Students can join our Japanese school in Melbourne anytime during the year. Find out more info about our available Japanese classes in Melbourne.

Students who attend our Japanese classes come from all different walks of life. Some study for fun, others study for work or business. We’ve taught police, lawyers, business owners, couples, actors, uni students and more. There are so many reasons why students want to study Japanese in Melbourne.

All students must first complete our student form (beginners) or level check (if you have any prior knowledge). Links found here found here

You may have learnt some Japanese before. Whether recently or many years ago, we will need you to attend a free level check first. This way we can make sure you are placed in a suitable Japanese class.

All of our Japanese classes incorporate learning how to read, write and speak Japanese. In class, we focus mostly on speaking. Most often writing exercises are assigned as homework/study.

From time to time, students can feel overwhelmed and fall slightly behind the Japanese class. In these situations we can arranged additional supplementary lessons (private) to focus on what you’re struggling with in class.

Enrolment is paid monthly via direct debit. Monthly fees cover a range of school operational cost including your weekly classes, curriculum etc – T&C’s.

Our Japanese language school is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in Nunawading. Our location offers 7 days a week ‘FREE’ parking right outside the Japanese school in Nunawading. Being situated close to major roads such as Springvale road, Maroondah hwy and the eastern freeway, we are located in a very convenient location.

100% Absolutely. You will have a much richer travel experience when in Japan. Apart from that, many students have often commented on how much more the locals appreciate when you speak some Japanese. They appreciate the effort and go out of their way to help you along your journey in Japan.

We provide everything from course material, folders etc (all included in lesson fees). You are more than welcome to bring your own pens/pencils or stationary as well. We also recommend students keep a diary (in Japanese) to help keep track on their process.

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