So you'd like to learn Japanese online in Australia?

Many students across Australia choose our Online Japanese Course Australia 2022 and learn Japanese with our teacher online locally. 

So you’re thinking about learning Japanese online Australia? Are you looking for online Japanese tutors Australia? Many students across Australia choose our Online Japanese Course Australia 2022 and learn Japanese with our teacher online locally. 


Student’s who study Japanese Language 2022 in Melbourne with our school have so much fun. Teachers use visual learning material and have a strong focus on improving individual student’s speaking ability with the Japanese language.

The beginner course is split up into 4 levels – B1, B2, B3 and B4. We also have classes for students who have previous studied Japanese in Melbourne. If you’re interested in joining our Japanese classes Melbourne you can book a free level check here.

Our teachers have a slightly different approach to teaching Japanese classes Melbourne. Over the years our unique teaching method has proven to be very successful.

Looking for the best place to study Japanese language 2022 and attend Japanese classes Melbourne? Book a free trial lesson and experience our teaching style today!

Who can attend online Japanese lessons Australia?

Anyone can enrol in our online Japanese course. We teach a range of levels for adults students in Australia. Many study Japanese language to travel or eventually live in Japan. Our online Japanese course Australia is perfect for individuals, couples, uni students, business owners or anyone who’d just like to learn the basics of the Japanese language in Australia 2022.

What online Japanese course enrolment options do you offer?

We have students who have been studying Japanese in-person or online with us for over 4 years consecutively. We offer beginner and intermediate Japanese language courses Melbourne. The initial beginner unit takes approximately 9-12 months to complete.

Online Japanese classes run for 80 minutes. This is the perfect length for a student’s focus and concentration.

Students who attempt 2 or 3 hour lessons often don’t retain much of what is taught. We understand some students are in a rush to learn a quickly as possible but you need time to practice and retain what you’ve been taught.

Should I learn Japanese online in a group class?

It’s an individual choice. Most students who enrol in our online Japanese course Australia 2022 normally choose our group classes. The groups are small and expose students to group speaking activities.

There are many advantages for students who learn in a group classes with our online Japanese course Australia 2022. Initially students may think they’d benefit more by learning on their own. After shifting to a group class, they quickly realised the additional group speaking exercises, pressure and needing to keep up and be accountable to the group was better for them in the long run.

When you learn on your own, you are only accountable to yourself. For some students this is good, but for most they achieve better results when in a team environment.

Join our Online Japanese Course Australia 2022

We are always interested in meeting new students who share a passion for Japan and the Japanese language. Further information about our Japanese classes can be found here.

Please either book a free trial or level check with a teacher.

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