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Looking for online Japanese classes? Want to learn from locally based native Japanese teachers in Melbourne? We’ve put together a guide to help students in Australia find the right online Japanese school in Australia.

What’s covered in this page:

  • Different types of Japanese classes 
  • The benefits when learning Japanese online
  • Why we recommend a local Australian based Japanese course
  • What to look for in an online Japanese course

Online Japanese School Vs Online Japanese Tutor 

There’s 1000’s of online Japanese tutors, most being located outside of Australia. It can be a little daunting finding the right one to help you learn Japanese online Australia.

Research shows that many people who want to learn Japanese online, despite being able to learn from anywhere globally, still choose a local option. Why is this?

Well no doubt there are many great online Japanese tutors and courses. Even some excellent ones as well. Learning a language online in our opinion is not the same as buying a door to door product. You need to learn from a teacher who has been properly trained and has experience teaching Japanese.

Many self taught teachers can provide conversational based lessons online. If you’re looking for teachers who work in the industry, work within an actual Japanese school and therefore offer a wealth of teaching knowledge, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below are some of the reasons why people choose local Australia based online Japanese teachers:

  • The local Australian Japanese tutors felt more relatable.
  • English explanation and communication flowed better.
  • Overall experience felt much more smooth and localised.
  • Better understanding around local culture, humour, Aussie accents.
Online Japanese classes for adults wanting to learn Japanese


There are so many benefits. The first that comes to mind is convenience.

Technology has opened many doors for students to learn Japanese online Australia anywhere, anytime. Distance and location is no longer a roadblock.

Since Covid-19 in Australia, learning Japanese online Australia has become a booming industry. There are so many options nowadays. How do you know which course/tutor is right for you? We’ll we’ve put together a step by step guide to help you choose the best place to learn Japanese online Australia.


When considering an online Japanese course Australia, we recommend the below steps:

  • Ask if they offer a trial/level check with a teacher? (recommend this before signing up)
  • Was the lesson professionally run? Brightly lit classroom or in a storage room?
  • How was the internet speed/technology/audio? (remember, this is a two way street)
  • What’s their teaching style like? Were they enthusiastic? Did you feel engaged and eager to learn?
  • How was their English? Did they understand your humour, culture? Did you feel confident in their ability?
  • Overall did you feel comfortable? Was it easy to communicate and relate with the teacher?

Notice how we haven’t mentioned anything above about pricing?

Look, we understand some people are after a bargain but in our experience, after meeting 1000’s of students over the years, those who invest into the right course with the right online teachers benefit the most. Achieving a strong foundation with the Japanese language is imperative for success.

As the saying goes “You get what you pay for


Of course our teachers would say our online Japanese course is the best in Australia.

Why you might ask? Well our teachers are local and live within Australia. They have taught Japanese formally for many years in Australia. Unlike some, our native speaking Japanese teachers are situated in Australia long term. This is not a temporary job whilst travelling around Australia, it’s their profession.

Students quickly realise the difference between learn Japanese online Australia compared to overseas tutors. Apart from the time zone differences, the whole lesson experience can be a lot smoother locally. Students often say how much easier they felt it was to relate and connect with our local Japanese teachers online.

Of course we understand that learning Japanese online Australia isn’t a one size fits all. With so many different online courses to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the right one.


As mentioned above, nowadays there are so many online options. So many you can become dizzy with choice.

You could choose to learn Japanese online via a University or Tafe. You could also enrol in a short course or even aim towards attempting a JLPT exam with the help of a private tutor.

There are also many online Japanese courses that specifically focus on travel content as well. These courses often don’t go into much depth around grammar etc. Instead of focussing on the why, they more focus on the what. For example, memorising common questions, answers, greeting, directions etc.

In addition if you’re interested in only learning basic words and not having full conversations with locals, there is an abundance of online content on Instagram or YouTube for free.


Most online Japanese courses Australia will offer private, semi private or group learning. Which is the best one for you? Well it all depends on your learning style.

Some large classes online could have up to 30+ students. Although this is great for the online course provider, you need to ask yourself “Will this learning environment suit my learning requirements“. The bigger the class, the less attention and support you will receive.

Our focus has always been keeping our group class environment intimate and engaging. This is why we limit our 80 mins online classes to a maximum of 6-8 students per class which works well.

Japanese Australia


It’s simple. Complete our enrolment form if you’re a beginner, or level check form if you have prior knowledge.

If you’ve never formally studied (perhaps you know a few words, phrases but that’s about it) we contact you to discuss enrolment. If you’ve attended a course in Melbourne or online and consider yourself pre-intermediate and above then we’ll arrange a level check.

To attend online Japanese classes with us, you’ll need the following:

  • PC or LAPTOP (no phones)
  • AUDIO – We request all online students use a computer headset, earphones or earbuds with built in mic (no webcam speaker mics as they echo)  
  • Be setup in a quiet room as a table (no couches)

Learning Japanese online Australia with our school is so much fun. You can clearly see the enjoyment in our student photos and videos (B1 LEVEL VIDEO or B4 LEVEL VIDEO below). Even take a moment to read our student reviews.

We love teaching the Japanese language online and bridging the gap between the Australian and Japanese community.

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