Chiba – Yasuko Sensei (千葉県)


Chiba Prefecture is next to Tokyo. I grew up there.  Chiba is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, has lots of beautiful rivers, is blessed with clean water and rich nature. Narita Airport has become the main gateway for overseas visitors.

  • 成田山(なりたさん)新勝寺(しんしょうじ)



Naritasan Shinsyooji Temple is within easy walking distance from JR Narita station near the airport. It is on Mt Narita, commonly known as a Shingon Buddhist temple. It was established in A.D 940 and many people visit the landmark. They pray for the happiness and good health in the New Year.


When walking on Sandoo (an approach to a main path to the temple), you will see a lot of shops and restaurants. The popular meal is “UNAGI (eel)” in Narita. I love it! My favorite restaurant is KAWATOYO which is the oldest UNAGI restaurant around there. It is so popular and also has a quaint atmosphere. The staff will show how to clean UNAGI (eel) quickly and efficiently. It smells so nice. Yummy yummy.♡

  • 九十九里(くじゅうくり)(はま)


There is a famous beach called KUJYUUKURIHAMA which is 66 kilometers along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. In spring, many people enjoy “SHIOHIGARI” (digging for clams at the beach) and also swimming in summer.

  • ディズニーランド・ディズニーシー


disney-land-tokyoTokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea were the first Disney theme parks to be opened in Japan. They are located in Maihama (Urayasu-city in Chiba prefecture). There are 7 theme lands as the adventure, fairy and future stories. Many people enjoy the dream of the Disney’s movies. The fireworks in the Cinderella Castle in Disneyland and the Water shows are so wonderful. These are always crowded every day, so I recommend getting the Fast Pass of the each attraction quickly to shorten the waiting time.

  • 浦安(うらやす)郷土(きょうど)博物館(はくぶつかん)


I want to show the URAYASU KYOODO HAKUBUTSUKAN. It is also a lot of fun to see the Japanese past lifestyle. Urayasu-city was the fishing village in the past. Houses which were built 100 years ago were moved to this museum, and were reproduced. You can go into the houses by taking off your shoes. It’s free to enter and has a guide in English. Please ask at the reception area.

  • 大江戸(おおえど)温泉(おんせん)物語(ものがたり) 浦安(うらやす)(まん)(げ)(きょう)

(つぎ)に紹(しょう)(かい)したいのはまた、同(おな)じ浦安市(うらやすし)にある大江戸(おおえど)温泉(おんせん)物語(ものがたり) 浦安(うらやす)(まん)(げ)(きょう)です。全部(ぜんぶ)で38個(こ)のお風呂(ふろ)がある千葉県(ちばけん)のなかで一番(いちばん)(おお)きい温泉(おんせん)テーマパークです。そして水着(みずぎ)を着(き)て入(はい)る露天(ろてん)風呂(ぶろ)もあります。チェックインをすましたら着物(きもの)に似(に)た袈裟(けさ)という服(ふく)に着(き)がえます。

And next, I want to show the biggest hot spring theme park in Chiba Prefecture” OOEDO ONSEN MONOGATARI URAYASU MANGEKYOO” (Urayasu city) with 38 different types of hot springs. This includes open-air baths that guests can enjoy with their bathing suit on. After the check in, the guests will change their clothes to KESA (similar to the Kimono).


Even good taking a bath eating at the food court, playing at the amusement arcade or doing anything as much as you like. I’m sure you will like it.


There is a shop called “Doctor Fish”. It’s cost ¥1080.-(15 mins for adults) . When you put your legs in the water tank, the small fishes eat your dead skin curiously and finally you can keep your skin smooth. Have a try!!  It will be fun. ♡

  • マザー牧場(ぼくじょう)



Finally, I want to show that MOTHER FARM is one of the most famous sightseeing spots on the Boso Peninsula of Chiba. There are a lot of seasonal flowers. You can also enjoy picking fruits as well.

It is a massive place at 2.5 million square meters. It’s too large to cover by foot so there are two kinds of sightseeing buses, both the Wan Wan Bus (Dog) and Ton Ton Bus (Pig). They are so cute and the best way to enjoy touching the animals. There is variety of them such as alpaca, sheep, ducks and pigs. Visitors can pick fruits and vegetables there. Strawberries and tomatoes are from winter to spring, blueberries in the summer, kiwis and sweet potatoes from autumn.  Other charming points are the mustard flowers which come into blossom in the flower fields from mid-February to mid-April. Also from May to mid-October you can see vivid pink petunias. They are so beautiful!!

In addition, you can enjoy doing many different adventures and activities there. If you’re not scared of heights, try doing the Bungee jump and Farm-Zip. I am so afraid of heights so I’m not able to attempt them.

– Written by Yasuko Sensei

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