Hokkaido – Iyo Sensei (北海道)

We asked Iyo Sensei to write about where she comes come in Hokkaido, Japan. She has also made special mention of her most recommended places to visit throughout the region. This blog is written in both English and Japanese. 


In the North islands of Japan, Hokkaido is the biggest area. There is a lot of nature and food.


In spring, it’s still chilly and there is still snow so the Sakura blossoms late.


You can even still ski in spring.


In summer, it’s hot and you can see a lot of Fireworks. You can see a famous Fireworks festival in Tokachi. It works in collaboration with music so it’s amazing to watch.


In autumn, you can see beautiful coloured leaves. There are many  farmers in Hokkaido.  They are very busy in autumn.

So you can see a lot of trucks and tractors. But they are very busy and frustrated so please be careful driving during autumn. Sometimes there are some crops on the road.



います。そうです!「寒い」ではなく「痛い」です。鼻毛が凍りますよ! 北海道の家の中はとても暖かいです。


In winter, it’s very very cold. Well….hang on, this expression is not right. That’s right, not cold but more like painfully cold like your nose hairs become frozen. Our house is very warm because we use heaters and stoves a lot so the cost of kerosene and electricity usage becomes expensive.. Hokkaido people have ice creams a lot in front of the heater. We are strange aren’t we?

In February, there is the “Sapporo snow festival ” in Sapporo. Actually it’s cold but you can see really beautiful various snow figures.


There are a lot of good places and cheap delicious food to eat in Hokkaido so I will recommend some good places to visit in Hokkaido.


Firstly one of my favourite places is “Blue Pond” in Biei. This place is very hokkaido-lake

famous in the Hokkaido region and is a very beautiful pond. You can see the really clearly blue pond on a sunny day.


Secondly, Otaru is a very awesome place and it’s close to Sapporo. There is a famous glass factory and Sake brewing company as well.


Lastly, I will introduce my home town “Tokachi”.  Tokachi is very countryside but there are many hot springs and cheap delicious food as well.


There are many farms so we have lots of milk, sugar etc… for making sweets. Tokachi is called “Kingdom of SWEETS”


Fresh, sushi, miso ramen and mutton BBQ are very famous in Hokkaido. It’s a little expensive in the city but cheaper out in the country side.


Hokkaido is a small country side area but there are many good places with delicious local food so please come to Hokkaido when you visit JAPAN!!

– written by Iyo Sensei


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